Sandy's Hamburgers

Junior Burger
2011/10/04 23:45:46
Does anyone here remember Sandy's the sign had a girl wearing a scottish outfit? In the 1960s my parents took us kids to a one in Columbus Ohio located at W 5th ave and Northwest Blvd.
 As the 1960s came to a close Sandy's just started to disappear.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Sandy's Hamburgers 2011/10/05 00:00:26
Probably more than you ever wanted to know here:
We had one on our home town just down the road from the McD's.  Being very close to the Chicago area these were some of the earliest McD's around, not sure I remember much about Sandy's, as we used to hit a Place called Geri's first, then McD's, then Sandy's.
    Just to add I spent a bit of time at the site above, there's a LOT of info in there, great site if you were around or are curious about fast food in the 60's.
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Filet Mignon
Re:Sandy's Hamburgers 2011/10/05 00:08:31
The first one (1958) was on Sheridan Road (across from Sheridan Village shopping center) here in Peoria.  I remember them well.  I was in my 20's at the time.  Sandy's eventually turned into Hardee's.