New Mexican cuisine - does this count? (in Albuquerque NM)

2011/10/05 23:35:51
Finally got to one of Albuquerque's good New Mexican restaurants, Perea's on Central. I had a beef and bean burrito plate with whole bean (not refried), mexican rice and red and green sauce on the side. We also got an order of sopapillas. Oh my gosh, so much food! The salsa was very hot for me, so I only had a teeny bit of it (thank goodness I said to put it on the side!!!); I ended up taking home half of what was on my plate. It was very delicious! And I had the remainder for lunch today. One of the lunch party had some carne adovado, and my gosh was that tasty and so very tender. The sopas we had for dessert, with honey drizzled on them - they were like a donut, at least to my daughter and I. Very tasty food at Pereas on Central in Albuquerque. Only open for breakfast and lunch!
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Re:New Mexican cuisine - does this count? (in Albuquerque NM) 2011/10/08 16:22:23
Yes it counts!
We love Perea's on Central.  My favorite is the smothered breakfast burrito (bacon of course). 
While you are on Central, you have Golden Pride Chicken which makes chicken, ribs and the best hand held burrito.  They are part of the Frontier which is also on Central by the UNM.  Mr Powdrell's BBQ is also on Central.  I like this place better than the house on 4th street.    Dion's is on Central if you are in the mood for pizza, they also have good subs, try the roast beef with green chile, YUM!  Loyola's is on Central just west of San Mateo, try the probecito burrito (poor little buritto) just potatoes and bacon smothered with a fiery green chile sauce. 
Those are my recommendations for Cental eateries, there are a ton more as Central goes through all of ABQ.
Re:New Mexican cuisine - does this count? (in Albuquerque NM) 2011/10/09 05:35:46
Thanks for all the info, NMBullRdr! Saturday night, my brother took us out to Powdrell's on Central. Boy was it good! I had the BBQ brisket with collards and mac and cheese, with cornbread, and the blackberry cobbler. It was all so delicious. Thank you so very much for the tip on Dion's - I wasn't sure what kind of foods they were good for and now I know. :) I am now in ABQ, just off of Central Ave., near Four Hills. Yay for NM cuisine!!
Re:New Mexican cuisine - does this count? (in Albuquerque NM) 2011/10/09 13:49:18
I like Anita's for New Mexican cuisine.  It's just ajacent to Old Town  (north of it) on Rio Grande.  If you don't like it spicy ask for Christmas (red and green) on the side. 
I'd go there just for their cheese enchiladas.