Cart reviews

Junior Burger
2011/10/12 16:43:41
First I want to introduce myself as a new person on the forum. Thank you for those that have taken the time to share with us all.  I'm simply trying to educate myself and learn if this business is a good fit for my family. I have met with vendors, read all I can online, went shopping for goods to just price out the cost of products, etc. all in the interest of learning. One major item I'm trying to learn about but not having a lot of luck with is comparing quality of hot dog carts. I tried finding reviews, I searched this forum, I've googled it, and either I've overlooked an obvious search term or there is a lack of comparisons. Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn which manufactured carts are holding up better than others? I'm seeing a lot for sale but have concerns with parts availablility, over construction, good layouts, and longevity. I'd really like to hear first-hand ownership reviews but I've yet to come across many. Does anyone have any they would like to share or recommendations?
Re:Cart reviews 2011/10/12 16:49:36
Your post needs to go into the Professional Hot Dog Vendors Forum for best resaults.
Junior Burger
Re:Cart reviews 2011/10/12 23:17:58
I guess I overlooked that section. Thanks for pointing me in a better direction.