Anyone here try Mama Fu's chain?

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2011/10/13 12:19:59
Not sure how I heard of the place, but there is a small chain called Mama Fu's and it serves asian food.The closest one to me is in New Braunfels,and they have one in Austin and elsewhere.
I haven't been up that way in a long time,so I wonder if anyoone here from the San Antonio to Austin Corridor has ever eaten at one.They are supposedly getting one in San Antonio.
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Re:Anyone here try Mama Fu's chain? 2011/10/13 15:41:19
We had them in Atlanta.  I think that it was sold a couple of years ago to some other franchise company.  It was a Raving Brands "concept" and every bit as authentic as their other "concepts" like Moe's and Shane's Rib Shack - not at all.  Think Doc Chey's with no soul.
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Re:Anyone here try Mama Fu's chain? 2011/10/13 17:21:14
Thanks.I checked out their website and might give it a try when in new Braunfels.Never heard of Doc Chey's.Will have to look that one up.
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Re:Anyone here try Mama Fu's chain? 2011/10/19 12:59:32
A lot of exciting changes have happened since our Atlanta days! In 2008, Mama Fu's was bought from Raving Brands by , our current CEO and former franchisee in Austin, Texas, and since then, major changes have been made to our atmosphere and we've revitalized our menu with new items, including the introduction of the Vietnamese Bánh mì (see below)! In addition, we now offer full-service dinner, delivery, online ordering, and a sweet loyalty program to reward our new and loyal guests.
Although we do not currently have a presence in Atlanta, we are expanding with new locations on the books in San Antonio, and other parts of Texas to add to our family restaurants in Florida, Arkansas and North Carolina!
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@mamafus) for more udpates - we've always got plenty of those (and soul)! ;)

Alan Park
Guest Relations
Mama Fu's Asian House
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Re:Anyone here try Mama Fu's chain? 2011/10/19 14:29:09
Thanks Alan.I'll have to try your place in New Braunfels.There is a Panda Express in Schertz and Selma,in the Forum at Olympia Hills.I looked at the menu,and you offer some things that are different.Can't wait to try it.