2004/02/13 23:58:10
Just wanted to let everyone know that this is a wonderful place! I ordered the Italian sausage coil, and the pickled asparagus...They are to die for! Comes Priority mail, well wrapped, and ready to eat! Thanks to tiki and Bushie for the info on this site...In cold,Eastern Kentucky...I am Tom B.
Ralph Isbill
RE: LOVERA'S GROCERY 2004/02/14 00:23:02
Lovera’s Grocery is a great little place! It is located in the little Italian town of Krebs, Oklahoma. This town is just outside McAlester. When you walk in the smells tell you you are in a real Italian store. Check out the sausage and cheeses. You will not be sorry.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: LOVERA'S GROCERY 2004/02/14 01:09:39
..................and we'll leave the light on for ya..............

Is that you, Tom Bodette?
RE: LOVERA'S GROCERY 2004/02/14 01:26:04
Sorry, no Tom Bodette, but me and my girlfriend will leave the light on if there is good food and good Roadfooder's around!!
Filet Mignon
RE: LOVERA'S GROCERY 2004/02/14 07:29:19
I am delighted that you folks are as pleased with Lovera/s as i am!!and i know that i was thrilled to find some of the best best italian around in a place that i NEVER would have expected ot to be, Seems that a large group of Italian miners were brought in to work some local quaries and stayed. I'm especially fond of Lovera's handmade cheeses and coil sausage which can bet bought either fresh or smoked. I had never seen italian sausage smoked before but then this IS Barbeque country! Its really good! The sausage is a northern italian style---not real sweet and very earthy and rich, and the cheese is made on the premises from whole raw milk in small batches the way it haws been done in europe for many centuries. This is no new ,hip, food craze place but a true family grocery and meat market that Sam Lovera grew up working in and now continues the family tradition. Thay also have a little convience store a block away that sells a killer muffalatta! Jane and Michael--if your ever in the Oklahoma area let know and i will take you to lunch---i know you'll like it. And thanks Tippy and Bushie--i KNOW Sam and Dominica appreciate it and work very hard to please thier customers!