Beef Burger Bob's

Double Cheeseburger
2011/10/18 08:50:38
Beef Burger Bob's opened in the 1950s as the Iceberg Drive In, in Fredonia, Kansas . Bob and Tony Babcock bought the Iceberg in 1972. Over time they expanded it into a restaurant and renamed it with the nickname that their customers had given to Bob. After 37 years they have moved to a new smaller location in the nearby, smaller community of Neodesha.
There is at least one other Fredonia restaurant selling beefburgers and they also turn up at community events.  They are a loose meat hamburger - moist not crumbly. They go well with the fresh cut Suzzy Qs. Here are my photos and more details:
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The plagiarizing troll is back again. This time as rickvilla. Won't someone cut him off at his IP.