Search for America's Best Bloody Mary

2011/10/20 14:39:12
Absolut Vodka is conducting a search for America's Best Bloody Mary. You can go on their Facebook and look at recipes that have been submitted by state and vote. Some crazy recipes on there!
In AZ, I voted for this one:
Sunday Sizzle
2 parts ABSOLUT Vodka
2 seedless Jalapeno wheels
3 slices of cucumber
Dash of A1
2 splashes Whiskey Willies Bloody Mix
a slice of bacon
2 bleu cheese olives
Muddle cucumbers, jalapenos and A1.
Add the ABSOLUT and the Whiskey Willies shake and serve in a salt rimmed glass.
Garnish with asparagus, half a lemon wheel, half a lime wheel, a slice of bacon and 2 bleu cheese olives.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Search for America's Best Bloody Mary 2011/10/20 15:50:39
Who needs breakfast now? Two or three of these and I'm good till Fox NFL Sunday.