Good & Fruity - still around?

Double Cheeseburger
2011/10/22 09:52:14
I see Good & Plenty everywhere, but not this.  Used to eat it at the theater as a kid.  I honestly can't even remember what it was like.  Reports I've seen indicate that it may have been back for a while, but drastically changed... can anyone confirm?
Re:Good & Fruity - still around? 2011/10/23 21:02:53
Was one of my faves forever. It kinda just faded away in my area.  I do remember when they changed the insides of them--I liked it even better, if I recall. Apparently they were out of production before being brought back in 2008
From Wikipedia:
Before 1992, all Good & Fruity candies contained the same-flavored red gummy center, relying upon the hard candy shell to provide the different flavor according to color. Sometime around 1992, however, the formula was changed and the candies' interiors became color & flavor-coordinated with the outer shell to give the candy a "fruitier" taste. The resulting candy texture is far closer to a small jelly bean than to the traditional Good & Plenty crisp outside, chewy inside texture
Re:Good & Fruity - still around? 2011/10/23 21:03:40
And apparently there is a new 3rd recipe where the inside is more like  jelly bean texture (like Mike and Ikes maybe)
Re:Good & Fruity - still around? 2012/01/22 13:25:25
I liked the original version way better than the version that is currently out there.  I liked the licorice inside and the outside was kind of crunchy.  Some things should not be changed.