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Junior Burger
2011/11/04 21:42:56
I remember BBF(Burger Boy Food-O-Rama) in the 1960s and in the early 70s Bordens bought BBF and became Borden Burger.Around 1973 Borden Burger started closing up stores and by 1975 they were gone.What was the cause of their demise?
Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2011/11/05 07:08:47
Doug, as Borden's corporate headquarters was in your hometown of Columbus you probably saw the first and the last Borden Burger restaurants.  I remember them mostly because we leased them (Borden's Better Foods t/a "Borden Burger") some land in 1969; the rent came in like clockwork, but they never built their restaurant on it.  Later, the site became the highest grossing McDonald's in Western PA.
Out of curiousity we stopped one day at their store on McKnight Rd. just north of Pittsburgh.  It was "o.k.", but had nothing to differentiate it from Mickey D's or BK.
This was an era when "fast food" had ceased to be a novelty and was really taking off in a corporate sense.  Borden was trying to enter a market where stronger players (Pillsbury/BK and McD's) already had their act together (marketing, supply chain, distribution, service systems).
If I really had to cite a reason why they did not succeed it was that their charming corporate symbols, Elsie the Cow and Elmer the Bull were already well-established in other endeavors. 
As everyone was used to buying Elsie's milk and Elmer's glue the thought of eating Daisy and Elmer was simply unappetizing!
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Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2011/11/10 09:17:05
Does anyone else remember Borden Burger?
If you do, did you feel "put off" by the prospect of Elsie being slaughtered for your lunch? 
Did the thought of that make you want to "blow lunch"?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2011/11/30 20:01:49
Yes -- they also had a location in Mansfield, Ohio (back in 1972).
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2011/12/03 16:47:41
The first one I ever saw was in Charleston, West Virginia in 1965. The one here in Gahanna, Ohio is now a Key bank.
Root-Beer Man
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2011/12/03 20:09:42
I don't remember a Borden's Burger, but there was a Borden's ice cream shop in Meridian, Miss. when I was a kid. I don't remember them selling burgers or anything other than ice cream.
Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2011/12/04 08:39:43
Aside from the rather unappetizing aspect of slaughtering the comely cartoon characters, Elsie and Elmer, and having their remains ground up, fried, and served for lunch the Borden's stores had this color and creme dominating their color scheme. 
For some reason (most likely, McD's, BK, Wendy's, etc) I came to associate fast food with red and yellow and found Borden's colors unappetizing. 
We can see this "issue" illustrated presently with the spectacular failure of Coca Cola's "white cans".  Will Coke never learn NOT to mess with the "real thing"?
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Junior Burger
Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2011/12/07 21:48:10
In the 1974-1978 timeframe, there was a Borden Burger right dead in the middle of downtown Morgantown WV during my college days.....and frankly, I liked it quite a bit (more than McD's, as a matter of fact)
carolina bob
Filet Mignon
Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2012/08/15 04:09:40
Back in the mid-'70s, I ate at a Borden Burger in Portsmouth Ohio. I was not impressed.
Junior Burger
Re:BBF/Borden Burger 2015/11/08 13:18:32
I worked at a Borden Burger place in the early 70s (I think 1971). Anyway it was built on a major road near a mall in Michigan, maybe still in Warren but could have been in the next city over. The location was bad - it was set back from the street and only had this sign that said BBF - nobody knew what it was so easy to assume it was a tire place or something else other than fast food. It seemed like they tried to be everything to everybody - had chicken as well as burgers. The only time we had a lot of people in the place is when there were discount coupons in the newspaper. Otherwise it was fairly dead. Of course it didn't stay open long. I wouldn't have recommended it to anyone after knowing the bacteria count in the milkshake machine even though procedures were followed pretty well. It was a terrible place to work - a sleazy fat guy from the south was brought up to be manager. I was making minimum wage at the time there which was $1.60 an hour and then Nixon had instituted a wage/price freeze. Since I was working part time while in college I decided to dump that job and got a job somewhere else at $2.00 an hour.