Payton's Barbecue (Veedersburg IN)

2011/11/14 09:35:03
Just in case anybody happens to look on Google Maps and thinks about stopping for a bite at Payton's Barbecue in Veedersburg, Indiana...
...don't.  I learned the hard way a couple of months ago that even though it's listed as a barbecue restaurant on Google and Yahoo, it's actually a manufacturer/processor of packaged items for retail sales.  I pushed myself to get there just before 4pm (closing time) on a Wednesday and got a rude awakening when I walked in the door and found myself in an office reception area, where I saw a cooler with various containers labeled "Payton's".  The nice lady on the other side of the glass partition informed me that no, food was not for sale to the public so I thanked her and went on my not-as-merry-as-I-was-hoping way.
Now for all I know Payton's may make a fine product but the building at 119 East Washington Street is most definitely not a restaurant!!
Oh well, at least the drive south to McCormick's Creek State Park was nice...
Junior Burger
Re:Payton's Barbecue (Veedersburg IN) 2012/01/22 13:56:54
Funny I came across this post,lol. I grew up on Payton's BBQ and until I moved to the northwest thought it was bbq. You didn't miss much as it is not really bbq , more like stringy pot roast soaked in a sweet tomato based bbq sauce. Sold in grocery stores only for re-heating. A close comparision to Payton's is Curley's BBQ. They only sell Pulled Pork. Memories are funny, it's been since 1980 since I lived there but it is a huge seller in the area.