Kay's Kastles in Soddy-Daisy TN

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2011/11/20 14:52:43
Last week, I learned that there's a Kay's Kastles ice cream parlor left in Soddy-Daisy, a little north of Chattanooga - we're going to visit it next month.  Does anybody else remember this chain?  It was kind of like a Baskin-Robbins.  They were all around the small towns of northern Georgia and eastern Alabama in the 1970s and 1980s, and we would often stop at one of the two in Rome, GA, on our way back from visiting family in Fort Payne.  The roadside sign was a great big fiberglass ice cream cone with seven or eight scoops in it.  Does anybody know where some other locations might have been?
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Re:Kay's Kastles in Soddy-Daisy TN 2011/11/20 17:11:34
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for some info:
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Re:Kay's Kastles in Soddy-Daisy TN 2011/11/21 15:36:19
Ooh, that's a neat story.  Thanks for the link!
Re:Kay's Kastles in Soddy-Daisy TN 2011/11/22 11:45:29
I never knew the chain as Kay's Kastle. We always called it Kay's. Sadly, the building that was in Maryville was not kept up. As the website provided by 6star shows, it is now occupied by Sweet Celebrations.
I believe the reason behind that Kay's closing was because the owner of the building wanted to sell.
Re:Kay's Kastles in Soddy-Daisy TN 2012/04/24 22:59:28
Here's a historical piece about Kay's that appeared on a website a few years ago.  They made (and still make at the Soddy-Daisy location at least) a GREAT banana split.  The best I've ever had.  I've had them at Baskin Robbins, Brusters, Swensen's and a zillion independents.  Nothing can compare to a banana split at Kay's IMO.
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Re:Kay's Kastles in Soddy-Daisy TN 2012/04/25 00:24:05
I'm pretty sure we had a Kay's in Bristol, Tn/Va that closed and then reopened. I'm sure they had sandwiches in addition to ice cream.
The Food City foodstore chain which is all over eastern TN sells Kay's packaged ice cream as one of their "legacy" brands. The legacy brands which include in addition to Kay's, Kerns bread, Lay's meat products and Terry's potato chips are old favorites of the area that have been "brought back" by Food City.
I recall Kay's ice cream being pretty good but the atmosphere in the old Bristol location was the main attraction.
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Re:Kay's Kastles in Soddy-Daisy TN 2012/04/25 05:24:43
There is still a Kay's on Chapman hwy in Knoxville, TN.  I passed it yesterday.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN