Hogshead Cafe - Richmond VA

2011/11/22 13:34:04
I have been wanting to try this place for a couple of months , since it opened recently.  They started with a small menu and added a few things since, but its still small.
I finally had the opportunity to stop with a friend, and I was not disappointed.   The menu and the room at the Hogshead Cafe may be small ,but the taste is as big as can be.  I can almost guarantee everything will be good.
In one trip I managed to sample the special Hog Wild Pork Wings, the Pork BBQ sandwich, the fried oysters, and the Fried Shrimp Po Boy. (Sorry, the lighting was bad for my android phone's cam)

The Hog Wild Pork Wings are apparently rib tips of some sort.  They  were juicy but slightly crunchy and quite delectable.  Makes me want to try their Memphis dry rub babybacks even though I am normally more a spare rib guy. 
The fried oysters were some of the best I have had in Richmond.  Truthfully been a long time since I have had them like that, fried just perfectly.  The remoulade was perhaps tame but these oysters shone on their own and so for me was just right. 
The fried shrimp po boy was definitely the best I have had since New Orleans. The shrimp was just the right amount of crunchy, but also tasty, the roll was softer than I expected but held together great.  Talk about filling.  I took a side of scalloped potatoes becuase I forgot I wanted to try the corn pudding.
The BBQ sandwich my friend had, well they had most of it but I did try some of the pulled pork and it was good enough to eat without sauce.  I was too stuffed to try another morsel, so I didn't get the pineapple upside down cake I had promised myself.
This place is not cheap but it is not a yuppy hipster paradise either. The place is shoved between a Blockbuster and a place called the Greek Isles at 9503 West Broad in Richmond's Far West End, sort of catty corner to the Sams Club on the other side of West Broad.   But to me it was definitely Hog Heaven.
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Re:Hogshead Cafe - Richmond VA 2011/11/23 05:22:05
Looks like a great find!
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Re:Hogshead Cafe - Richmond VA 2011/11/23 08:09:48
Yeah,  I will mention it to a friend of mine who lives there, and I'll try it myself next time I'm there.  I enjoy the west side of Richmond
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I just went again for dinner tonight :) 
At 5 it was not too busy, which is good - the place only has maybe 12 tables.  By 6 when we were leaving the place was filling up quick.  I am guessing they do a good take out business - in fact maybe it might get me to go to the blockbuster next store some night, and pick up a video and some take out.
One thing I didnt mention before - they have an interesting beer list - not huge since it is small, but they do carry Legend Ale which is brewed in Richmond.
Tonight I had the oyster appetizer again since my gal is fond of oysters, and she pronounced them excellent.  I thought maybe they werent quite as good as yesterday but then again I have been cooking and tasting stuff all day (thanksgiving pre-cooking) so my taste buds may be off.
I had the shrimp platter, and she got the ribs, each of which comes with 2 sides. That way, I got to try a bunch of them.  Of course one was the scalloped potatoes again.  Also tried the corn pudding.   Never had that before but it was good, not that I got to eat a lot of it since she _loved_ it.  The hush puppies I thought were perfectly done.  The only miss was the coleslaw - she said it was too sour for her taste, and I only eat slaw with a Q sandwich or a fish fry so I didnt partake.  But did I mention the hush puppies?
We got some dessert to go, both were cakes that also came with ice cream.  They give the ice cream in separate Styrofoam cups so it doesn't melt, which is a great idea.  My pineapple upside down cake was mighty good but the warm pumpkin cake took the prize I think. Of course shared them with the kids too who devoured them both.
One of the highlights of the night was the limeaid.  I was facing the wrong direction but my son said he watched them actually make the limeaid on the counter, and it did indeed taste fresh.  Not sickly sweet like the one at Bills BBQ,  but sour with sweetness to cut it - just right. 
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Re:Hogshead Cafe - Richmond VA 2013/01/12 18:59:16
I have to add to this thread - I am rarely on here anymore because this place scratches my Roadfood itch very well.  My family and I are here practically weekly. They send out search parties after 3 weeks without a visit.
Current favorites include the pork chop po boy, the loaded tater tots (smothered in bacon and cheese, but very crispy)  and of course the smoked prime rib dip. Grouper nuggets when they have them are great, though they go fast. The specials board is where I order from pretty much every time.  Their soups are also good.  Heck they even make asparagus taste great (deep fried asparagus fries)
And no I dont work there but I have come to know everyone who works there.  The far west end of Richmond is lucky to have a place like this, and their 12 tables are close to full every lunch and dinner, that is, when there isnt a line to get in.