Junior Burger
2011/11/22 17:40:52
Sorry to say that I no longer commute from the Poconos to Princeton. However I need to pass on this gem. Hot Dog Johnnys on rt.46 is a legend,but dry a little out of the way for a way better HOTDOG.Rt 31 Glen Gardner(between Washington and Clinton) for HOTRODS HOTDOGS!! a bargain and a much better dog IMO!! and I know dogs having grown up near Rutts,Hyrams,That place on 17 near the Meadowlands. Name escapes me getting old. After it closed it was owned by Lawrence Taylor I believe.
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Heresy 2011/11/23 18:24:33
Hot Rod's serves one of the worst, if not THE worst, hot dog I ever had. It is a boiled turkey dog. Would not eat there for free. You might like it if you can stomach turkey dogs. I don't consider anything made from poultry, soy, or fish to be a real hot dog. Real hot dogs are made from meat.
Re:Heresy 2011/11/24 00:13:51
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