Need to find a good Prime Rib

Junior Burger
2011/11/22 17:43:49
Help I am dying for a great prime rib in North Jersey.Pa or driving distance!! of the Poconos
Junior Burger
Re:Need to find a good Prime Rib 2011/11/22 18:07:37
Might want to do some searches on El Cid in Paramus.  It's not cheap, but good bet you will doggy-bag most of it despite any appetite, because I recall it's about a half-foot thick!
Re:Need to find a good Prime Rib 2011/11/22 21:16:41
Sams Club, That's where I buy mine. I buy a 15 pounder and have them cut me 4 rib eye steak.
It's 11 pounds, salt and pepper, put it on the rotisserie use direct heat and watch until it gets a nice dark brown color and do indirect. Takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Check in a hour, when temp gets to 120 for medium rare remove, cover with foil. It's a winner.
Will feed 6 to 8 adults plus 4 little ones, left over's for sandwiches.
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