smokey joe's-crete illinois

Junior Burger
2011/11/27 11:26:25
Well stopped in with a friend for lunch and decided to try the pulled pork sandwich.Is this world gone crazy! No smoke flavor what so ever. If it was smoked which i know it could not have been,it was swimming in a nasty bbq sauce that i could not figure out what was in it. I dont get it,there is a smoker inside the place too.You dont serve a pork sandwich on a roll that you get an italian beef & sausage sandwich on.They should stop seving bbq and change there name.My really smokey pork blows away most bbq ive tasted. Problem is nobody wants to spend the time or money to pay someone to stand in front of a smoker for 15-20 hours like me.I get off on it.Bottom line is if you cant serve authentic real wood fired bbq,dont serve it to the public at all.  Just my thoughts!