Parisian Cheesesteak?

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2011/12/01 09:06:26
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Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/01 12:10:24
It sounds good, but I wouldn't call something like this a cheesesteak. I would call it a steak sandwich with cheese. Once it gets too fancy I can no longer call it a cheesesteak.
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Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/01 12:54:37
fattybomatty - I couldn't agree more.
Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/01 13:08:43

fattybomatty - I couldn't agree more.


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Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/01 13:52:49
I guess that's why he can get away charging 13 bucks. I'll just stick wit my wiz. Had to invent my own cheesesteak here in Austin. Got a french bagette, found some already cooked "Cheeseteak" at HEB, sauted peppers and onions opend a jar of wiz and there you have it. Ya gotta make do.
Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/01 14:26:57
It's not a Philly cheese steak, but it sure does look great! 
sk bob
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Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/01 20:55:40
I could see you eating that, Joe. but you  have to raise your pinky fingers.
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Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/02 05:50:14
A few years ago, Barclay Prime on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia was selling this cheese steak for $100: kobe beef, lobster, some kind of fancy-pants cheese, and shaved truffles on a Parmesan brioche. It wasn't awful, but if it were my money (I was on an expense account), I'd rather spend it on 10 or 15 real cheese steaks.

Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/02 06:14:03
Speaking of fancy, check out those toothpicks holding that mess together.  Worth $100 right there.  How are you supposed to eat that other than with a knife and fork?  The second you pick up any, it will all be in your lap and look how they did that V slicing of the roll. 
 I have big issue with the brioche, a pervasive sandwich abomination.  It just isn't designed for and lacks the structural integrity to heft real sandwich innards.  I haven't had one yet that held together until I was finished. 
 I'm definitely ok with creativity applied to the classics but sometimes, simpler is best.  As to the OP's link, I do like the sounds of that but, if I was going to Caribou Cafe, I'd likely get a more typical bistro dish.
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Re:Parisian Cheesesteak? 2011/12/28 13:54:22
Looks yummy and nasty at the same time!