Garlic Rolls

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/12/03 01:27:29
During the '70's, I spent nearly 4 years in foodservice working for 3
Greek families that were operating either a Sub/pizza joint or a commisary that served contract department store lunch counters, contract factory cafeterias, or their own restaurants which were Italian. During those years, I intimately know what goes into a NY pizza dough and the prep behind it. What's called Italian garlic rolls that are served by many pizza places didn't exist in the places I worked or in other Pizza parlors around here. There was Italian bread by loaf or slices, but nothing that by today's standards would be called Italiian rolls. Many indie parlors now offer both garlic rolls and garlic rolls with cheese. From what I see, they are made from proofed Pizza dough either in cut pieces or sheeted and rolled. Some of the places combine the unproofed rolls with finely minced garlic or powdered granulated garlic, others bake proofed dough on sheets, topping them later with seasoning and using a rocker knife and cut them into sticks like many of the chains.
This leaves me wondering just what would be considered classic Italian rolls served from an authentic NY pizza parlor. Just what is a classic NY style garlic roll? Is it the same as proofed high gluten pizza dough chunks with garlic and topped with mozzerella and baked in a deck oven or is it something else? From what my dad tells me who is a Brooklynite and Italian, he never heard of Italian rolls served in an Italian restaurant or pizziera, It was always Italian bread with butter,garlic, and seasonings.
Filet Mignon
Re:Garlic Rolls 2011/12/03 07:08:20
I'm originally from NYC, and I never encountered the SoFla kind of garlic rolls up there.  Of course, that doesn' mean that they weren't being served in one of the thousands of Italian restaurants at which I did not dine!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Garlic Rolls 2011/12/03 10:46:21
garlic knots started popping up around where I grew up maybe...a decade ago.  They are usually just little pieces of dough with butter and garlic.  I am a big fan if they are made properly.  I don't know where they started, but I am sure glad they are around!
Re:Garlic Rolls 2011/12/06 17:14:08
Garlic knots are alive and well in Northern NJ pizza/italian joints.  Usually, they are strips of pizza dough in 'knot' shape.  The litmus test is:  are they drenched in olive oil and garlic? Or sprinkled with minced garlic with a thin veneer of oil.  It's a tough choice sometimes
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Garlic Rolls 2011/12/06 19:03:21
Garlic knots are everywhere that serves Italian around here. I can't think of a single place that serves Italian bread with their meals. Garlic bread or toast is also hard to come by though a few places offer it. I don't know when this happened but it wasn't all that many years ago. I can take or leave garlic knots but can't pass up fresh Italian bread.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Garlic Rolls 2011/12/07 15:29:23
They're a staple around here, but not many places do them very well.
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Re:Garlic Rolls 2011/12/07 16:14:20
While living in th S. Florida in the early 90's my wife and I enjoyed some of the best NY pizza at a place called DiSalvo's Pizza and Italian restaurant in Hollywood. His garlic rolls were the outstanding although we had never had them in NY either. We also loved his eggplant parm as it was the only one we ever had that had the true firmness of veal. The owner was also quite "animated" during the busy times....very entertaining.