Nino's Dilworthtown/west Chester PA....Why did I bother?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/12/05 19:34:42
OK, Pizza Restaurants are for Pizza.....but some make good subs/hoagies/grinders/sides too. It was mid-afternoon, I was racing around doing errands and decided to grab a cheesesteak sub for later.
Went in.......the gal chatting away with her friend took my order. I specifically asked for.........."A Large Cheese steak w/o Cheese, but with all the other stuff" and onion rings to go. She repeated back to me, " A large Cheese Steak w/o Cheese and onion rings" Went and did a cple of things, came back, and took the stuff home...............Steak yes.........Cheese, no......but also no onions, peppers, or mushrooms. Fortunately I had some to add that i sauteed.
The onion rings were insipid..........the steak so/so..........the roll, however was quite tasty a pillowy inside with a bit of a crunch...most likely because i reheated it in foil for 18 mins. Even reheating the onion rings couldn't save them.
My Bad for choosing a chain. But i get their flyers all the time and they were THERE so I gave it a try. I'll stick to my locals in the future ( MY 2 Favs for Cheesesteak w/o cheese, but with English speaking folks who remember the rest, are the Pizza Pan on 202 across from the McDonald's and the all-time best.the one further down on 202 next to the Beer Beverage place... almost to rte 491.
Don't get me wrong.....I was a private chef who also had a hankering for a Big Mac from time to time (less the pickles!) and loved their fries once upon a time. Now that I'm an old cantankerous retiree, I'd like it if folks listened to what i order and translate it well for the folks in the backroom doing the cooking
Chain Burger places don't thrill me, chain pizza joints don't either. We still got Jimmy Johns for Hot Dogs, tho......and a few locals who are trying to put out a decent burger (and YAY!.some serve booze)
Maybe that's why the others are called "chains"....they tend to drag you down
Re:Nino's Dilworthtown/west Chester PA....Why did I bother? 2011/12/05 21:28:13
the same way in md/de also  lmao
Re:Nino's Dilworthtown/west Chester PA....Why did I bother? 2011/12/06 09:22:21
I don't see why it's their fault.  No one anywhere at any time ever orders 1) "all the other stuff."  You order a steak with each and every item you want on it.  There is no such thing as "all the other stuff.  2) "a cheesesteak with no cheese.  It's just  a steak sandwich.  
I don't know why less than perfect language skills even enter the discussion when one doesn't even know how to order.  In some quarters and previously discussed on this board there are many (myself not among them) who are adamant that peppers and mushrooms have no place on a steak sandwich.  So, I would further not expect a restaurant to intrinsically know what "all the other stuff" is supposed to be.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Nino's Dilworthtown/west Chester PA....Why did I bother? 2011/12/06 18:53:56
since it was listed on the menu that way......"with peppers, onions and mushrooms" I guess I assumed they would be included.  and excuse me for not knowing
ann peeples
Re:Nino's Dilworthtown/west Chester PA....Why did I bother? 2011/12/06 19:51:23
I dont agree, Mike. Since their sandwich is listed with the"other stuff", I have been trained, or common sense tells me, to clarify if I am an order taker. However, in our stupid society, I have learned to be so specific when dealing with people because common sense is practically non existent. I dont blame friedclam fanatic AT ALL.
Re:Nino's Dilworthtown/west Chester PA....Why did I bother? 2011/12/06 20:25:42
As an aside, I know when some posters (intentionally and deliberately) try to sneak in a chain on the front page of the forum I'll be one of the first to acknowledge or point that out, however a place Nino's with a handful of locations  in  a small corner of the mid atlantic probably didn't need to be in the chain/fast food section of the forum- just my opinion