Flemington, NJ

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2011/12/06 14:23:25
I will be out in Flemington, NJ at the outlets this Saturday. Any one have suggestions for lunch and/or dinner places in the area or close by? Not sure of the time I will be out there that is why I am looking for both lunch and dinner places. I eat all kinds of food so I am open to all suggestions. Thanks!
sk bob
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Re:Flemington, NJ 2011/12/07 21:07:53
the only place I've ever eaten at in Flemington was at the speedway. best fried chicken I've ever had at a racetrack.
too bad it closed years ago. its probably where those outlet stores you're going to is
 what a waste of a great speedway.
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Re:Flemington, NJ 2011/12/07 22:04:13
There are a couple of diners on 202 near Flemington but I've never tried them
Nomad Pizza in nearby Hopwell is excellent:
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Re:Flemington, NJ 2011/12/08 10:14:47
Used to go to Flemington a lot about 25 years ago -- Flemington Cut Glass was a great source for Riedel crystal back then.  Wound up there a year ago and it sure seems like the town & outlets have gone downhill in a big way.

Jugtown Mountain Smokehouse was a great source for smoked turkey, bacon & the like; don't know if its still there.  There also was a nice little diner in the town of Washington called Little Mom's.
seafarer john
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Re:Flemington, NJ 2011/12/08 10:37:46
There are several places on Main Street in Flemington. Shakers is a bit unusual - you place your order, are handed a salt shaker, take your seat, and your food arrives with the matching pepper shaker. The food is OK, the service is quick - light lunches, sandwiches, soups,etc.
Also on Main Street is an old hotel that looks interesting, but we've never
eaten there. 
There was some discussion of Flemington in 2007 on these pages.
Cheers, John