Food Trucks in Philly

Double Cheeseburger
2011/12/08 11:18:49
Some very good articles here...just click on the links:
Re:Food Trucks in Philly 2011/12/08 15:32:45
Food Trucks will be around forever.
"How can you say that foodbme? How can you be so sure?" says the skeptic.
To wit foodbme responds, " They are growing in significant numbers around America's Colleges and Universities thus insuring the indoctrination of thousands of loyal College student followers who become accustomed to eating Truck Food and will carry on the relationship as they move forward." "They also turnover their Customer Base by approximately 25% every year. As Seniors graduate, Freshmen take their place thus insuring new customers every year." So, every 4 years, they have added 100% more Food Truck Addicts to the general population.
There are 4495 Colleges, Universities and Junior Colleges in the USA. (Nat'l Ctr. for Educ. Statistics, 2009-10)
If there are an average of 4 trucks per institution, that's 17,980 food trucks feeding America's College Students.
Let's say the average truck has 20 customers a day.
That's 359,600 feedings a day.
Let's say the average tab is $5.
That's $1,798,000.00 a day in revenue!!!!
Sounds like a project for a Sociology and/or Economics Thesis towards a PhD to me!
Part of the Government's "No Food Truck Left Behind" Program! 
(Don't ask me how those Blue Things popped up. I don't know)
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