I Have A Complaint.

2011/12/24 12:11:55
This is my "New Posters Introduce yourselfs!" thread.
This is a great site and you folks are wonderful people. But every time I come here I get hungry. I want to eat all the good food I see here.
So much good food and so little time.
It's just plain mean to post such good eats for people to see and not serve up a helping for us to enjoy.
To let you know I'll be more of a lurker then a poster. I might throw in the occasional smarta$$ comment now and then but other then that I'm happy reading your great posts and living vicariously through your roodfood exploits.
Thanks for being you.

ps. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. 
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ann peeples
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/24 12:28:06
Thanks!!!Welcome to the site!All your comments and insight are welcome!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/24 12:35:33
Zagut:  We encourage you to post all your experiences either local or on the road.  We at roadfood strive on new and better info.  Please enjoy the site and from all of us, we appreciate you joining and please do not be a lurker although you are free to do that but chime in and let others know where you have been, what you are doing and your own personal food choices.
Happy holidays and your Roadfood Moderator:
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/24 12:36:10
Now I don't know about that. From someone as dumb as me I have no insight and my comments are up to you to decide if they are wecome or not.
Enjoy life.
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/24 12:42:36
Hey Zag... Welcome!
As someone who rarely gets out to eat at Roadfood places, I seem to do a lot of posting here.  Eating is not required.
Now as far as the Smarta$$ comments...  I'm the resident sMARta$$ and would welcome help.
Merry Christmas to you and yours and start posting!
(Happy Hanukkah)
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/24 12:43:50
Thank you Sundancer. I'll say what pops into my mind when it does. I tend to be a homebody so my roadfood experience tends to be limited. I tend to stay close to home and don't adventure much.
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/24 12:49:18
Howdy Marlene,
A smarta$$ loves another smarta$$
This does seem like a place for good folks and I hope to enjoy it for awhile.
Thanks for the welcome.
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Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/24 12:51:21
Most definitely a good place. 
First thing in the morning and last thing at night with regular vistis throughout the day.
Or I'm a glutton.
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/24 12:58:07
You may be a glutton but I'll not say for what.
I pop in every so often and simply enjoy what you folks enjoy to eat.
I guess it really looks and tastes better when someone else fixes it.
I just know I really want to eat just about everything I see here.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/25 20:29:24
Welcome Zagut.
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/26 17:00:22
Zagut, one of my favorite Candybars!
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/26 19:17:57

I just know I really want to eat just about everything I see here.

I know how you feel.
The trouble starts when you actually try to do it.
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2011/12/28 14:27:00
Welcome Zagut
We always need a few more smart arses around Mar tries her best but needs help from time to time.
Happy Holidays One and All
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/07 13:01:59
Thanks for the welcome guys.
Mr. Chewing the Fat, I like those candybars too. But Zagut is a crater on the moon. You know, The place where Ralph wanted to send Alice one of these days. I believe you're thinking Zagnut. Yes I'm a nut but I'm sure not sweet like a candybar.
Mr. Screaming Chicken, I guess that explains why I've needed to replace my monitor because of the bites taken out of it. I wish you'd told me earlier. I could have saved a few bucks at the computer store.
Mr. Cajun King, Glad to hear you need a smarta$$ around here. I'll do my best to help the lovely Mar out. But I'm sure she can take care of herself if need be.
Ms. Mar, I'll help you when I can but as I'm sure you know, Smarta$$es are on there own most of the time. And would we really want it any other way?
Thanks for the great website guys. As I'm sure you know that it's the people that make the site and you all are wonderful.
I've been reading a bunch of old posts. I like to start at the back and work my way forward.
What's the general feeling here about digging up retired threads? Sometimes I think it would be interesting to throw a comment in but is life here gone and forgotten? I'm getting dated myself so I tend to enjoy what once was.
There is such a wealth of information here. I might catch up eventually but I know I can stay fat & happy living in the past. I'm up to pg.32 in Rd. Trips and about 2005 in other threads. I'm on dial-up so it's going to take awhile. Guess I'll see how it shakes out and play it by ear as I go.
Hope the New Year is going well for all of you.
Enjoy life cause it's the only one you get,

Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/07 13:17:23
A warm wecome to you Zagut!
Filet Mignon
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/07 13:23:46
I always liked Baah Ben's definition........
A Smart A$$ is a fellow who can sit on an ice cream cone and tell you what flavour it is... 
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/07 16:50:25
Joe, if I sat on an Ice Cream Cone, I'd feel like a dumb a$$~
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/07 18:27:57
Is there really any difference between a samrta$$ and a dumba$$?
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/07 18:47:30
Vince Macek
Double Cheeseburger
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/08 09:06:33
YOU want to complain! Look at these shoes, I've only had them for three weeks and the heels are worn right through. If you complain nothing happens, you might as well not bother, and my back hurts, it's not a very fine day, and I'm sick and tired of this office...
...hey, if something calls for a Monty Python reference, it's hard to resist!
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/08 15:52:20
Mar, I know nothing about that edgumication thing you speak of. I'm as dumb as a box of rocks. Don't want to be "smart". Too many headaches involved with it. I'd much rather be stupid & happy then smart and sad.  That being said,I have to say that I've only made one mistake in my life. And it wasn't sitting on an Ice Cream cone. That would be a colda$$ thing to do. " />
Vince, You should be happy those shoes wore out so quickly. I'm sure you expected them to have a much longer life but there style was so bad it's a good thing no one will see you in them any longer.   You are correct that complaints get you nowhere these days. It's become a F- you, Next , world. Kind of goes along with phone,computer, and TV repair these days. Just throw it away and get a new one.  Now your back pain I can relate to. Once it goes out you never question anyone about it again. My best medical advice is to do a couple of shots of Van Gogh Double Expresso Vodka with just a hint of Godiva Liqueur thrown in.  It my not do anything for the pain but it tastes great and will make you happier. Also get out of the office and breath some fresh air.
I still want to chow down on all the good food I see here. This place does one thing. It makes me hungry. You guys are just plain mean in that respect.
Thanks again for the nice welcome. 
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/24 20:23:46
Now I'm just shamelessly bumping my own thread before I go back to lurking mode simply because I can. 
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Filet Mignon
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/24 20:32:31
Zagut,   Did you ever have "Friendship's Pride "  pizza?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/24 20:54:09
Watching the Food Network (or the Cooking Channel) at midnight is even worse...
Late at night I'm trying to wrap up my day, and my TV is giving me a case of the midnight munchies...
it's really bad during bad weather and I can't go out and fire up my outdoor grill...
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/29 14:14:42
Oh boy, I can bump my own thread again.
Greymo' I've never had "Friendship Pride Pizza".
 I googled it and it showed a place in West Friendship,MD. That's a different beast then Friendship,MD.
Friendship is southern Anne Arundel County and West Friendship is in Howard County.
Is the Pizza any good? I do like a good pizza. I've been making my own pizza at home because it's cheaper and simple to do. I just need to get a dough recipe that works for me. I like it medium thin and crisp.
BackRhodes, Midnight Munchies can be a pain in the rear end. If you take the time to satisfy them you might as well get up for the day. And the heck with bad weather. Go ahead and fire up the grill. Use a umbrella and as long as the chow doesn't get wet you'll be fine. People can dry off just don't dilute the delicate flavor of what you're cooking.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/30 16:35:46
Bumping works only if others read it...
A few nights ago, we had a drizzle kind of wet fog...I put plastic over the plate with my burger buns on it to keep them warm & dry...
I need to think up some kind of roof or enclosure to put the grill under / in ... with a power vent...
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/01/31 21:09:52
Doesn't matter to me if others read my drivel or not. I know full well what I say is nothing in the big scheme of things.
And people read it it's just if they comment or not.
I understand wanting a roof to keep the chow and yourself dry but do you really need a power vent? I've built many a roof and in an open area mother nature does a rather good job of venting fumes.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:I Have A Complaint. 2012/02/05 19:53:51
I'd want a power vent IF the area is enclosed...I don't want to give myself CO (Carbon Monoxide)...