BBQ in Springfield,mo

Junior Burger
2011/12/26 18:57:10
Buckinghams BBQ by bass pro shop in Springfield, mo has some great BBQ, if you haven't tried you defiantly, anyone else no of some good places in that town
Junior Burger
Re:BBQ in Springfield,mo 2011/12/26 20:41:10
There are places in Springfield not yet sampled (ex: Billy Sims'), but Buckingham's is good BBQ.  Crosstown Barbeque on Division is pretty fair, and more of a tradition in town, as is Pappy's on Main Street (which would be the recommendation to those that believe good BBQ has to come from a dive).
Junior Burger
Re:BBQ in Springfield,mo 2011/12/27 02:51:52
 Bandanas and The Rib Crib also have decent BBQ for being franchise chains in addition to the previously mentioned Crosstown and Pappy's which are locally owned and operated. I've lived in Springfield most of my life and really appreciate good BBQ. IMO we don't really have it. If I really want some good BBQ I usually drive 100 miles to eat at Bubba's in Eureka Springs, AR. I haven't tried Billy Sims and some of the others. I'd also be interested in any suggestions on "outstanding" BBQ restaurants in the area.  
Re:BBQ in Springfield,mo 2012/01/23 21:44:22
Pappy's is my choice when in Springfield but I am one that prefers BBQ from a dive.  Cassville MO has BBQ Station which is very good.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:BBQ in Springfield,mo 2012/01/24 08:02:58
I will be in Springfield in a couple of months, so the recommendations in this thread will really come in handy.  So far, I am most likely to stop in at Pappy's.
Re:BBQ in Springfield,mo 2012/01/25 21:52:06
Cassville, MO is about an hour away from Springfield (West of Springfield).  BBQ Station is located there is and very good.  Not quite as "divey" as Pappy's but the Q is good.