Mexican villa Springfield, mo

Junior Burger
2011/12/26 19:27:22
Mexican villi a in springfield,mo has the best mex food around they get their own special cheese made at the local Kraft plant, the cheese dip there is off the chain and so is their sweet sauce. They also have a location I. Ozark, mo and they only accept cash. And there burrito enchilada Is the most famous item along with there sanche enchilada amazing stuff
Junior Burger
Re:Mexican villa Springfield, mo 2011/12/26 20:35:03
Perhaps it's merely a matter of taste, but to me there is better Mexican fare in Springfield than Mexican Villa.  The cheese mentioned in the previous note can at times be heaped so thick on dishes that it can overpower the serving.
To long-time locals, the "Villa" is the choice, but to my taste buds Maria's downtown, or even some of the smaller houses such as Amigo's are preferred.  For what it's worth, the Purple Burrito has a fantastic SoCal-style fish taco at $1.95.
Nothing to do with the food, but local rumor has it that the original Mexican Villa (Bennett @ National) was opened by a "merchant of the flesh" so that the working girls would have a place of employment once they got a tad too old for the oldest profession.  I don't know if its true, but at a minimum it's a good urban legend.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Mexican villa Springfield, mo 2011/12/27 01:45:39
I've never heard of "sweet" sauce at a Mexican place. What is it?
Big Kahuna Kooks
Re:Mexican villa Springfield, mo 2014/03/07 16:06:19
I have fond memories of Mexican was the first restaurant I went to in Springfield when i went to SMSU. My Mom & Dad dropped me off at the dorm and then after unpacking we headed to find a Mexican Restaurant. Good food and more importantly reasonable in price for a college student. It was the first time I had a Sancho (burrito with lettuce) and not the last.