Infared Turkey Fryer, Any Good?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/12/27 11:17:55
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Here I am back at the office and a co-worker and I were discussing our holiday meals. I did the fryed turkey for Thanksgiving as did he, but for Christmas he and a neighbor fryed their birds in an infared fryer that uses no oil. Sounds fascinating and he said it was just as if he had fried it the conventional way. Any one else had any experience with this?
Re:Infared Turkey Fryer, Any Good? 2011/12/27 12:23:37
brisketboy, did your co-worker use one of those cookers being advertised on TV? The big round one with the large clear plastic cover? It's got a rack to put the food on and then you set it. I've been wondering how they are.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Infared Turkey Fryer, Any Good? 2011/12/27 12:37:31
 Twin, It was a Brinkman Oiless Turkey fryer. The top is sort of a mesh arrangement that reflects the heat back down to the bird which is cooking breast up. Apparantly it's only left on until the desired level of done ness is reached and then removed. I have not seen the one on tv but this one requires a propane bottle so there is flame which I guess heats a grid around the bird which then emits infared (I guess).
Re:Infared Turkey Fryer, Any Good? 2011/12/27 15:31:19
Thanks. I was thinking it might have been the 'Flavorwave Turbo Oven".
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Re:Infared Turkey Fryer, Any Good? 2011/12/27 18:05:05
My experience with most "As Seen On TV" items is that they often take a good concept, and manufacture it so cheaply as to make the item virtually useless. There are however, exceptions; I have heard good things about the "Magic Bullet", for example.
Look for local TV stations consumer reporters, who often test these items. A good search term is "Does it Work", especially if you put a day of the week  after it, such as "Does it Work Monday", or "Does it Work Thursday".
Here's one from a station that has been reliable for me in the past:
One caveat; NEVER, NEVER, NEVER order an "As Seen On TV" item by telephone or online. Always buy it from a physical store, where you can return them if they are defective. The telesales and websites will work very hard to get you to get a bunch of "free" or "low cost" extras, where they kill in in the S&H charges.
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Re:Infared Turkey Fryer, Any Good? 2011/12/27 20:47:54
Here is an online review (with pros and cons) of the Brinkman:
Here is info about the Butterball Oil Free Electric Turkey Fryer, sold at Bass Pro Shops (You have one in San Antonio):
Re:Infared Turkey Fryer, Any Good? 2011/12/28 02:11:09
Not as messy
Takes 10 minutes per pound verses 4 for oil
Skin not as crispy