It's Cheap Champagne Time!!!

Junior Burger
2011/12/28 21:22:28
Okay, so I totally love cheap champagne because it's like ginger ale with benefits.  I drink it in a big old glass like it's soda pop.  It's the best!  But I have to wait until this time of year to do it because the stores don't have it on sale.  And that totally blows!
And I know somebody is going to pop on, pucker up, and with all the whatever they can muster correct us all and say technically speaking it's not champagne unless it came from that region of France.  It's sparkling wine. 
And I totally dig sparkling wine.  I love sparkling hard apple cider, too.  And I love sparkling beer.  Just not vampires.  Sparkling vampires are bad.  Wrong thread, I digress. 
Cheap champagne.  Reunite, whatever, Spumonte, Cold Duck.  It doesn't matter.  I love the crap! 
Does anybody else share my affinity with this sparkling Mad Dog 20/20 of the booze world?  It's okay, we won't judge you, we understand.  Sometimes, you just gotta go with cheap and fun.  There's no shame in that.  Unless it's McDonald's and in that case, well, you know....don't talk about it. 
Anybody know a punch made with cheap champagne/sparkling wine? 
I love you guys!
Re:It's Cheap Champagne Time!!! 2011/12/29 08:46:21
At a family Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve back in the 1970s I remember bottles of "Cold Bear" being served but don't think I've seen it since.  Does this ring a bell with anybody?
Usually the local grocery store has Andre products on sale for $2.99-$3.99 around this time but I haven't been looking lately to see what's available.
Tony Bad
Fire Safety Admin
Re:It's Cheap Champagne Time!!! 2011/12/29 09:07:47
I remember cold duck, but not cold bear. Cold duck was absolutely revolting.
Re:It's Cheap Champagne Time!!! 2011/12/29 09:47:26
Tony Bad

I remember cold duck, but not cold bear.

Google to the rescue, of course:
Looking at the fine print at the bottom of the Cold Bear and Black Bear (I remember that name, too) stickers, they were Mogen David products.
I don't see anything about Cold Bear being sparkling but that's how I remember it.
Tony Bad

Cold duck was absolutely revolting.

Sounds like you might not've been drinking it correctly.  Make sure the straw is long enough to go all the way to the bottom of the bottle.
I'm sure Joerogo has several bottles resting in his wine cellar, just waiting for that moment when it's the perfect beverage.
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:It's Cheap Champagne Time!!! 2011/12/29 13:13:55
"Cold Bear Wine, for a roaring good time."
You haven't really stepped in it until you pour a bottle of Mad Dog into one of those make-your-own seltzer bottles and charge it up to make sparkling Mad Dog.
sk bob
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Re:It's Cheap Champagne Time!!! 2012/01/01 20:39:53
just split a bottle of Andre Brut dry champagne with my beautiful wife Third Turn Peg to celebrate new years day.
$5.97 at Publix
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:It's Cheap Champagne Time!!! 2012/01/04 11:24:52
For Mimosa's and other Holiday drinks, the cheapo champy works wonders!.  I'm also a fan of Hard Cider.  When we lived in the UK, we lucked out on a place that had "champagne" for a little over a pound a bottle! (about $1.50)!  Bought several cases and introduced our British neighbors to a mix of Cranberry Juice, Champagne (1:1) and Cointreau (or Triple sec) iwth floating cranberries.