Texas Meatloaf

Junior Burger
2012/01/06 15:03:53
Does anyone have the recipe for the Texas Meatloaf at Cotton Patch Cafe?
I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.
Julie B.
Re:Texas Meatloaf 2012/01/06 16:20:51
That's some good loaf.  I don't think they give up their recipes, but my best guess is that they (in relation to traditional meatloaf) use crushed Frito's in place of bread crumbs and a medium salsa instead of ketchup.  Throw in a little finely chopped pepper (to taste: green bell, jalapeno, or serrano) and you have a Texas Meatloaf.
BTW:  try Frontera's Chopotle Salsa.  Our "finer" Wal-Mart now carries it.  It would really be a nice addition to this dish.
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