James Coney Island

Junior Burger
2004/02/20 14:35:48
Does anyone know why James Coney Island abandoned its Congress Avenue store in Austin?? The place seemed like it was always busy, and it was definitely the best hotdog joint in town. Do they have plans to come back into Austin at some other location? Grrr. I miss those hotdogs!
Lone Star
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: James Coney Island 2004/02/20 15:16:51
Sorry for your loss Roy! We have plenty of them in Houston. They allowed me to have my first "Chicago Dog", but the chili cheese coneys with the diced onions and steamy soft buns are my true favorite.

Maybe Bushie or one of the other Austinites will have an answer for you.
RE: James Coney Island 2004/02/21 03:06:56
RE: James Coney Island 2004/02/21 11:02:14
Always a sad day in history when a Hot Dog Joint closes.. Just read the article that hermitt4d posted above. Maybe they should have setup in a smaller location with just that one sales rush a day?