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Kenny Joe
2012/01/07 17:32:59
Because it is not really "Roadfood", I have been doing my own research to figure out where to eat in Chinatown when I am in New York next weekend. I give up - too many contradictory reviews. I am now eager to follow instructions from Roadfooders. Any suggestions?   
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Re:Chinatown 2012/01/07 17:50:16
No recommendations, but I would put Chinatown and Chinese food on the list of Road Food establishments. I've seen a good bit of Chinese food mentioned here over the years and would definitely say Chinese should be counted as Road Food. Not all road food is hot dogs and burgers.
Re:Chinatown 2012/01/08 03:48:05
Agreed. Chinese food can qualify as Roadfood. Bob Hope & Bing Crosby & one of my favorites, Joan Collins, ate Chinese Roadfood on the Road to Hong Kong! 

The Question has been discussed before:
IF you use the search function on here and put in the word "Chinese", you'll get threads like this one:
This place was mentioned in the thread above:
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Re:Chinatown 2012/01/08 08:30:39
Of course Chinese is Roadfood - who ever said it wasn't?
I wouldn't go out of my way for Chinese in Charlotte or Chattanooga
but certainly in NYC, San Francisco. LA, Seattle and other cities with a large Asian population.
Re:Chinatown 2012/01/08 09:16:09
It's really hard to find a bad restaurant in NYC that has been open longer than six months. 
From seeing it on several food shows the Chinese place "on my list" would be Nancy Lee's Pig Heaven on 2nd. Ave. between 80th. & 81st., a very safe "hood". 
Re:Chinatown 2012/01/08 09:40:12
Kenny Joe, Look for an authentic Dim Sum place for breakfast.  Good Luck!
Kenny Joe
Re:Chinatown 2012/01/08 11:34:07
Before I posted my inquiry, I checked out the Roadfood recommended restaurants and there were none from Chinatown. I also did a search, but only found mentions of two restaurants in Chinatown, neither of which garnered high praise. (This is no doubt due to my lack of searching skill rather than any deficiency in the database or the search feature.) So, I got the impression - apparently false - that Roadfooders did not think of American style Chinese restaurant as "roadfood". That made some sense to me, because most American style Chinese restaurants are identical to each other, lacking the individuality that to me is an important component of "roadfood." (Someone once described American style Chinese restaurants as "open source" fast food. They are just like franchises but there is no franchisor to collect fees!)  
But I have no wish to rehash the "is Chinese food roadfood?"discussion. All I am looking for is a personal recommendation from a roadfooder
of a restaurant in New York's Chinatown.    
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Re:Chinatown 2012/01/08 12:28:32
Hey KennyJoe, I have a few recs for you!
1.)  Wo Hop (17 Mott St.) - Here's my write-up from 2009 when my family came to visit:
2.)  Big Wong (11 Mott St) - If you scroll a bit more than halfway down the page in this report you'll see a couple of pictures I posted from Big Wong.  It's been the "go-to" place for my girlfriend's family for years.
3.)  Vanessa's Dumplings  
4.)  Great NY Noodletown 
5.)  Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - While Vanessa's isn't technically IN Chinatown, I think it's worth a stop.  Baah Ben and I had some good food at Great NY Noodletown and I love the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.
6.)  Try ducking into any random Chinese bakery for some roast bbq pork buns and some yellow buns with a sugary topping (po lo bau).
I'm sure there are plenty of noodle shops and dumpling house in Chinatown I have yet to try but I've only just scratched the surface...
Enjoy the city and Happy Eating!!!
Kenny Joe
Re:Chinatown 2012/01/08 19:20:55
Thanks, Billyboy! I have always enjoyed your NYC reports and those links have the info I'm looking for. I am especially pleased to see an endorsement of Wo Hop. That is one of the establishments that caught my attention, but it seemed that for every good internet review (mostly Chowhound and yelp) there was a terrible one! And none in the middle - either "great place; don't miss it" or "don't go there ever." Your comments (and pictures) have tipped the scales. And having not only your comments but also Baah Ben's in the other thread was nice. And from the pictures, I would have to agree that Vanessa's Dumpling House is definitely Roadfood.
Re:Chinatown 2012/01/09 01:16:56
Stole this from another thread "William Grimes - Appetite City":