Donuts and BBQ

Junior Burger
2012/01/08 13:05:30
I agree with you Jane about Krispy Kreme. Just heard you guys on The Splendid Table talking about The Donut Vault and I too prefer old fashioned cake donuts plain or with a light glaze. Have you tried in Austin, TX? OMG what an amazing and fun place. The donuts themselves are large and a plain cakey donut. The fun comes with the toppings. They offer lots of options from fruit, maple glaze, cinnamon, etc. But my favorite is the Flying Pig - a plain donut topped with great bacon and maple glaze. You have to come try it.
The other place to check out in Austin in . As you mentioned about the Donut Vault Franklin BBQ has a line that starts prior to opening time every day and they sell out in less then 3 hours. This place has been called the best barbecue in America by Bon Appetit, and reviewed in the NY Times. 
I hope you can make it back to TX soon and give these places a try. Thanks for all you do, I always check out your recommendations when I travel.