$4.72 at Subway

2012/01/08 14:06:15
I had to to test-drive my truck after working on it so I headed into town and stopped at Subway to grab a sandwich (I was not at all dressed to go sit down somewhere), where I paid the $5.28 total with a $10 bill.
My change was a pair of $2 bills, a half-dollar, 2 dimes, and 2 pennies.  At first the combination struck me as kind of odd but after some thought it makes sense, especially if a lot of customers pay with $10s and $20s.  $2s take up half the space of $1s in the cash drawer and the customer's wallet, and a single 50-cent piece is easier to work with than a pair of quarters.  I've gotten $2s from this particular Subway in the past, too.
Has anyone else ever gotten an uncommon change combination from a Subway, or even another restaurant for that matter?  I wonder if this was a decision made by the local franchise or if it's encouraged by headquarters.
I ate the sandwich while watching Lidia Bastianich make a muffuletta on TV so that made it seem a bit tastier.
Re:$4.72 at Subway 2012/01/08 17:12:33
There is a adult dancing place about 20 minutes north of me that gives two dollar bills as change when you pay the cover charge, I have heard that is what they do
Re:$4.72 at Subway 2012/01/08 17:29:36

so I headed into town and stopped at Subway to grab a sandwich


Re:$4.72 at Subway 2012/01/10 10:19:29
Brad, I gave this a quick read while on the road and thought you got a deal on a sandwich
If you were in the Euro Zone you would have received two of these....

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Re:$4.72 at Subway 2012/01/10 22:19:46
all the gentleman's club here in town give all change in $2 bills, at the door, buying beer, i even think the ATM machine gives $2 bills, lol 
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Re:$4.72 at Subway 2012/01/11 06:59:25
I haven't even seen a two dollar bill in at least ten years. Our large Native American annual festival, Indian Summer, http://www.indiansummer.org/ used to give out Sacagawea coins as change unless you specified dollar bills but stopped that a few years back.
Oh, and thank you mods, that was my intent.