Thanksgiving Pot Pie?

Russ Jackson
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2012/01/11 07:52:55
Pie crust
Bottom layer of stuffing (good stuffing with celery,onion, mushrooms...etc)
2nd layer smashed potatoe (chunky mashed)
3rd layer Turkey pieces
Top with turkey gravy
Cover with pie crust and Brown top lightly
When it starts to brown top with a small layer of Green Bean Casserole with fried onions and return to oven to crisp.
I haven't tried it yet but I bet it works. Serve Cranberry Sauce on the side. I will whip one up this weekend with some rotisserie chicken. 
Feel free to steal the idea.
What do you think?...Russ 
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Re:Thanksgiving Pot Pie? 2012/01/11 08:33:43
It sounds fine except for that green bean casserole.  I think it would be better served as a side. I would think that it would make the top crust soggy.
Re:Thanksgiving Pot Pie? 2012/01/11 14:20:27
I put eveything side by side on my plate. 
Russ, the only thing I'd change if making that is put the turkey between the stuffing and the potatoes.  I don't think they should be next to each other.
Nix on the green beans.
Re:Thanksgiving Pot Pie? 2012/01/11 14:33:29
Whar's Da Peas??? Ya gotta have da peas!!
Pot Pie = Peas!
An maybe some of dem Carrots too!