Glenwood Drive Inn, Hamden, Ct.

John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/04/09 16:05:05
The hot dog pictured in the roadfood review looks absolutely delicious! I saw a review online of a Conn. hot dog tasting (I can't find it now) where this place and Super Duper Weenie were the top 2 rated. Looks similar in size to the charbroiled dog served at Syd's in Union, N.J. which is at the top of my list for dog places. Does anyone know what brand of dog is served at Glenwood? Is it all beef? My guess is probably a Hummel's. One place in Jersey serves a Grote & Weigel beef frank. Many here serve the beef/pork. What do you Conn. people prefer?
Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Glenwood Drive Inn, Hamden, Ct. 2003/04/09 17:13:45
I don't know what brand the Glenwood serves, but Hummel's tend to be the preferred one in most of Connecticut. For a Grote & Weigel, the place to go is[url='']Doogie's[/url], where they have normal foot-longs, and these " /> :

John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Glenwood Drive Inn, Hamden, Ct. 2003/04/09 17:23:39
Wow! I have seen this one before on the reviews. One day I went to Super Duper Weenie, Rawley's and Swanky Franks. A bit of a ride, but less than 100 miles from my home. I liked the beefy Swanky Frank the best. My daughter will be attending UConn next year, so I'll be in Conn at times. What are some good places nearby?