steamed hot dogs

jimmy b
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2012/01/15 01:26:10
hello , new to the forum and hotdogs and was hoping someone will fill me in with some clues on a few questions..
what kind of hotdogs are a good choice "steamed" ? skinless or casing ? and pork , beef , etc...?
how long do they stay good in the steam table ?
any other tips or suggestions appreciated.
thank you
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Re:steamed hot dogs 2012/01/15 09:34:00
1st you should post your question in the 'Professional Hot Dog Vendors' forum.  I think this is the reason the post was flagged as spam.   ... Even your cross-post in the 'Hot Dogs, Sausages & Bratwursts' forum is not correct.
Generally, strong spiced, salted or smoked hot dogs work best cooked in water.   The water will leach out some of the salt, spices & smoke and give the dog a milder flavor.   ... Mildly spiced & smoked dogs will taste 'washed out' if cooked & held  for a period of time in water. (quickly cooked in water & used is a little different).   Mild flavored dogs tend to work best from grills & flat tops.   You'll have to make your own taste test to find which brand works best for you.
Maybe an ADMIN will move this post to the correct forum and delete the cross-post. ...???...
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jimmy b
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Re:steamed hot dogs 2012/01/15 11:31:27
thank you for your reply i realy appreciate that, and i still have to get some more questions answered so thanks for refering me to the more proper place to post which i just did and hope to here more suggestions too. so i will start there with the same question and go from there . thanks again , jim
Re:steamed hot dogs 2012/01/15 11:52:47
If you want to hold them in water add some spicy mustard to the water.
jimmy b
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Re:steamed hot dogs 2012/01/15 11:56:51
forgive me for sounding ignorant but do you mean to add it to the water in the steam table while the dogs are above the water ? thank you