It's Just As Important To Know Where NOT To Eat: Lied to At Cagles Steaks In Lubbock Tx

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2012/01/17 20:33:00
Travelers Warning:Avoid Cagles Steaks In Lubbock Texas
It's 8:30 at night in Lubbock Texas and we're getting a mite hungry. We're in town on business and had done a little research on area restaurants so we had a few names rattling around in our heads.
  We decide to call Cagle's Steaks, a half hour from the house, just to make sure they'd be open before we made the trip.
"Yep, we don't close til 9:30 and do our last seating at 9:15"
Excellent. Me and my two friends pile in the pickup truck and start heading that way.
9pm we walk in the front door.
We wait.And wait.And wait.
Finally I buttonhole a staffer. "We're hungry, do we just seat ourselves?"
"Honey, we're closed"
I maintain my calm and explain that we are the ones that called before we made the 30 minute drive and we would like to eat.
"Let me get a manager"
A man comes out from the back and I explain to him that we are the ones that called before driving a half hour to get to his restaurant and we would like to eat.
"I've sent my cooks home" "there's nobody here who can cook your food"
At this point I feel like busting the place up like Terry Bradshaw and Burt Reynolds in Hooper, but I maintain my calm
"Then why were we told that you would be open til 9:30 pm?"
"I just don't know"
 I'm vividly considering delivering a perfect Stone Cold Stunner  a al Steve Austin to this guy but have no desire to find out what the inside of the Lubbock Jail is like so we depart before things get out of hand.
This is a travelers warning.I've been on Roadfood for years and this is the first one I've ever posted and hopefully will be the last. While I normally only deliver recommendations on where TO eat. In this instance I have to recommend that you DON'T eat, or should I say attempt to eat at Cagles Steaks in Lubbock Texas.
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