Chris & Amy ...

Filet Mignon
2012/01/22 20:50:57
Open note to Chris & Amy ...
Your superb efforts are appreciated ... by me and I am sure many other faithful RF'rs.
May we break bread once again, soon.
Re:Chris & Amy ... 2012/01/22 20:52:08
Isn't that the truth!
Junior Burger
Re:Chris & Amy ... 2012/01/23 10:20:56
They write incredible reviews
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Chris & Amy ... 2012/01/23 10:30:13
It sounds like you just ate with them.  Where did you go and how was it?
Filet Mignon
Re:Chris & Amy ... 2012/01/23 13:44:39

It sounds like you just ate with them.  Where did you go and how was it?

It has been far too long.  Last time was here in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.  18 months ago ???
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Chris & Amy ... 2012/02/16 20:54:40
Gregg, I didn't even see this until now, sorry!  But thank you very much -- you're too kind.  We just like Roadfood and writing about it, that's all.  In an effort to show off our better pictures, we're trying to publish one review per week this year from our travels.  We're on schedule so far...
I was in Wilbraham two weeks ago and had a very quick dinner at the new White Hut beforehand.  I was the only one in the place and took the opportunity to chat with the owner (the son runs this store, while his father runs the original location in West Springfield).  He had a great vision as a place for late-night burgers for the college kids.  I had a hot dog, cheeseburger, and fries -- all great as usual, but lacking the ambiance of the original location.  Plus I was the sole customer at 5 p.m., which worried me a bit.  Since this is a Trip Report, I feel compelled to include some photos...
The big change is when you walk in: an actual menu on the wall.  And here you order and pay first, instead of paying before you go at the original location.  The owner said he wanted it this way because those late-night college kids might walk out without paying, which makes sense:

This hot dog looks old but tasted fine:

The cheeseburger was better, with grilled onions, of course (though the onions were pre-cooked and warmed on the griddle to order, sigh):

The serviceable fries, which are frozen, I know, but I get them almost every time because I'm a sucker for fries with burgers:

White Hut is located in the rear of this building off Main Street, so you wouldn't know it was there if you walked by on the sidewalk:

I hope business picks up for them.  The owner told me that they're very busy on the weekends, so that's a good sign.  Check it out next time you're in Amherst, Gregg!  And thank you, as always, for your feedback!    Chris
Filet Mignon
Re:Chris & Amy ... 2012/02/22 06:20:51
Gregg, my girlfriend and I just shared a few meals with Chris & Amy on Monday and it was a delight!  Bagels, banana cream pie, burgers, balls and a bit more for falafel and pain au chocolat.  Thanks C & A!!
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Re:Chris & Amy ... 2012/02/22 17:41:05
Chris/Amy ...
Ironic, I wrote this after my White Hut, Amherst experience:
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