Coney Island Bialys & Bagels

2012/01/25 10:31:49
I thought this was interesting and I think I've seen this place mentioned before:
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Re:Coney Island Bialys & Bagels 2012/01/25 11:03:49
We have a Catholic running the best Kosher bagel and bialy place in Cincinnati - I guess this kind of thing is not so unusual:
We used to get our bagels and bialys from the Roselawn location for years and when John moved the operation to Blue Ash we continued buying them there and there has been no change whatsoever in the taste or flavor or consistency of the bagels and bialys - they are just as good as the ones I bought on Jerome Avenue in The Bronx in the 1960s when I was growing up in Yonkers.
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Re:Coney Island Bialys & Bagels 2012/01/30 08:44:27
Interesting article. I wonder where they came up with the claim that they were established in 1920 and are the oldest bialy baker in NY City. Kossars is thought to be the oldest, both in NY and the whole USA, and give their date as 1936, and I've never heard of anyone disputing that.
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Re:Coney Island Bialys & Bagels 2012/01/30 08:50:52
Did H&H close ???
I'd heard yes, the shop, the main factory, no mail order, yes mail order, etc ...