Cheeseburg Pizza!

Junior Burger
2012/02/01 09:24:59
Cheeseburg Pizza - (nothing unusual, but really tasty)
  • I use store bought dough ball, cold ferment for 3-4 days
  • spread dough on oiled parchment, drizzle with swirl of yellow mustard
  • add swirls of tomato ketchup, more than the mustard I prefer
  • (3) 1/4 lb. burgers cooked "rare" on the grill to get grill marks and some grill flavor
  • fine chopped onions if prefered, I use sweet spanish onions
  • cook 1/2 way to get the crust almost done, and other ingredients almost cooked - I use 525 on my stone, lowest rack
  • add american cheese, (it's got to be american for the flavor)
  • american melts quick, so keep an eye on it.
  • Cut and serve, I serve extra ketchup and chopped pickles on the side
  • The grill flavor, and the other ingredients make it as american as can be!
Re:Cheeseburg Pizza! 2012/02/01 09:37:51
That sounds good.
I recommend you use Safeway's cold fermented dough, available in their deli.  It's the best dough we've found after trying many, including Grimaldi's.
Re:Cheeseburg Pizza! 2012/02/01 12:54:10
I actually had cheeseburger pizza at a chain "God forbid, a chain" locally and it was not half bad.  Tazino's is I think a regional chain with a specialty pizza each week (POW-they call it).  The cheeseburger pizza was really quite good.  Actually I've been pretty impressed by all of the pizza at this chain.  It is always fresh and hot and the ingredients are fairly good quality for a of all....they have a salad bar included in your meal.