A very RARE opportunity...!!!

Double Cheeseburger
2012/02/11 05:25:43
Do you want lunch with a VERY rare view...???
Amtrak train #14 (the northbound Coast Starlight) is being detoured over the Tehachapi Pass & Loop Feb 16th - 19th due to track work on the normal route...
It will leave at LA-Union Station and to to Oakland NON STOP...
This is a detour that normally only sees freight traffic...Cajon Pass, Mojave, Tehachapi, Buckersfield, etc  offer some scenic views that normal passenger trains don't ever see...
IF the track work (replacing ties) ends sooner than expected then it's possible Train #14 will resume it's normal northbound route before the 19th... 
Lunch in the Mojave while in motion...
Ok, Amtrak food might not be the best in some opinions, other might think it's great...and the California Parlor Car offers a seperate menu for those with sleeper car tickets as an alternative...(menus are posted on the Amtrak webby site)
Filet Mignon
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/11 10:11:20
This sounds fantastic!  I wish I lived closer to take advantage of it. 
Uncle Groucho
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/11 11:26:52
Hello, I know I could just Google my question but I would just rather ask it here
How much would tickets be for a trip like that, is the food included in the price and how long do you think a trip like this would take. If you could post some R.R. links or some picts , that would be great also.
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/11 14:32:12
That's an amazing oportunity.  I'm close (sorta and can't do it)
Thanks for posting it because those that like trains would love that ride.
sk bob
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/11 15:44:39
Mar52, hope you do it, I'm jealous. take lots of pictures.
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/11 15:57:12
I wish!
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/11 18:34:43
I've eaten on a train once. The train from Denali to Fairbanks, Alaska. Spectacular views of course.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/13 23:31:25
Fares depend on what class: coach or sleepers, distance traveled, and any discounty you might (or mightnot) receive...
Meals not included for coach, but ARE included with sleeper class tickets...Sleeprs can range from a Roomette, Bedroom, Double Bedroom, and Drawing Room / Suite...it all depends on how much you want to pay...this is true of both Amtrak and the Private Railcar Tours...
Details are on the Amtrak webby site, because each passengers situation is different...
I'm taking the southbound Coast Starlight (Train #11) down, which will travel the normal route via Salinas Valley, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara...at times running right next to the ocean...
Mar: If time permits, I'll try to hit the Nickel (5 cent) Diner on Main St in downtown LA...
Train #14 will leave Union Station and will travel via the detour mentioned above...
I assume the train will head straight up the Central Valley from Bakersfield to Stockton...but at that point the train could take 2 different routes to Oakland: via Martinez & Richmond...or...more likely via Sunol-Niles Canyon / Hayward, which just happens to be the route the original (Western Pacific) California Zephyr...
12 to 14 hours each way from Davis, CA to LA & back...
Groucho...I can't post photos I've not taken yet... 
If you want the ultimate train & food experience, I'd suggest booking passage on a private charter train...expensive but worth it to eat a fine meal in the Vista Dome of a classic Budd built CZ (California Zephyr) railcar...Trains Unlimited Tours (Reno, NV) offers tours as does other tour operators...also google Private Railcar Tours...and ask about "positioning moves"...this is where a railcar might need to be moved to a certain location for a tour, say from LA or Salt Lake City, to Oakland / Emeryville...same great meals prepared by private chefs, served by professional staff...these cars are hooked up behind Amtrak trains, but the doors are locked between the Amtrak cars & the privates cars...(LINK)
A special Grand Canyon trip is coming up that IS expensive, but again, something the average rail passenger will not be able to experience...(LINK)
If you have a LOT of money, you can charter a special train yourself LINK
All Aboard...!!!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/24 18:06:21
Mr Mayor, Paging Mr Al the Mayor, why aren't you all over this thread?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/25 00:35:55
BTW...look in Trip Reports for a report...
Filet Mignon
Re:A very RARE opportunity...!!! 2012/02/25 08:42:12

I've eaten on a train once. The train from Denali to Fairbanks, Alaska. Spectacular views of course.

I have too but from Anchorage to Denali with an overnight and then on to Fairbanks. It's a spectacular run with beautiful views but with one major chink. After a wonderful 2 night stay in Denali and taking the park's wildlife tour we had sad news. The train could go no further due to a rock slide! We wound up being bussed from Denali to the Fairbanks rail station where our baggage didn't show up until the next day! Fortunately we were staying with friends so we could get our clothes laundered and lent some bed clothes. I did love the train but we flew back to Anchorage due to time constraints.