Quick trip to Charleston SC

2012/02/11 10:25:35
We spent 2 days in Charleston and had a wonderful time!  The weather was cool but sunny, just right for walking, shopping and sightseeing.  We had 3 great meals, starting with lunch at Gaulart and Maliclet (Fast and French) on Broad St.  This is in an old dentist's office, charming, but small.  The seating is mostly at community tables, so be warned if this isn't your thing.  It was quite busy at 1:30 on a weekday.  We had a great lunch.  I had the special, a chicken chili over rice, accompanied by a good baguette slice with tomatoes and melted gruyere.  They bring the actual special to the table to show you.  My husband had black bean soup with French bleu cheese and pate on rye.  Both specials included a generous glass of house wine.  For dessert, we shared a chocolate mousse cake and some French press coffee, delicious and our favorite brewing method.  Lunch was under $20.  We met another couple of tourists from PA and had a delightful chat.
Dinner was at Hominy Grill, a place I've wanted to try for a long time.  I had shrimp and grits, their signature dish, and it was wonderful.  It's a bit spicy, but I like it that way. My husband had fried chicken with coleslaw, which he said was delicious and oh-so-cheesy mac and cheese (I was lucky to get a taste).  We split a brownie served with ice-cream and hot fudge on top....a really good dessert.  Actually, the table next to us was sharing one, and we told the waiter that we'd have what they were having...it looked that good, and it was.
We ate at Husk for lunch, having failed to get a dinner reservation and this was probably one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten in.  It was Bon Appetit's new restaurant of the year in 2011, for the whole country.  This is really not Roadfood in the strictest sense, as lunch was $53, but a large chalkboard gave the provenance of all the food they served, and pigs are processed on site.  They make their own ham and bacon, and use most of the pig.  Out back, they have a large smoker and a prep house.  Our lunch was beyond great, and the care and time that the chef and staff take really show.  It was a meal for which superlatives were made! 
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Re:Quick trip to Charleston SC 2012/02/11 18:39:23
Thanks for the nice write up sudie!  Sure looks like you took advantage of the short amount of time you were in town.  So glad that you made it to Hominy Grill, one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.  I had never heard of Husk before, but it sounds wonderful.  I will check it out next time in town.
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Re:Quick trip to Charleston SC 2012/02/12 11:45:17
I have heard of Husk.  The Chef Sean Brock is the owner/chef at McCrady's I think.  We could not get a table for dinner either.  It's a busy place. 
Husk Restaurant @ 76 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 843 - 577 - 2500.
Re:Quick trip to Charleston SC 2012/02/12 11:50:59
To both of you, Husk is well worth the stop.  BB, when I showed my husband your reply and told him you were from Pgh., as is he, he wanted me to describe his sandwich to you.  He had fried bologna and ham sandwich.  The bologna (or Jumbo as yenz would say) was house made and the ham cured on site, also.  It was chipped, but not chopped as is Isaly's.  It was served on house baked thick-sliced bread, with a homemade beer and mustard sauce and homemade pickles.  He thought you might have liked it!
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Re:Quick trip to Charleston SC 2012/02/14 14:19:16
To say I would have liked that sandwich is an understatement!  The fact that everything is made in house speaks volumes.  And like any self-respecting yinzer, I do love Jumbo. Please thank your husband for the description and Husk will be my first stop the next time in Charleston. 
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One should NEVER pass up a chance to go to The Wreck, best place in Charleston in my opinion and many local's! Don't look for a sign, there isn't one!
Re:Quick trip to Charleston SC 2012/02/14 21:15:32
Thanks, Kevidcad...Didn't hit the Wreck this time, but we agree it is a worthwhile Roadfood stop.  Loved it when we were there a few years ago, and I'm glad to hear it's still a great place.
Re:Quick trip to Charleston SC 2012/02/18 16:06:40
Hey sudie,
You picked some great places. I've been to Husk several times and loved it. It always smells like bacon now on Queen Street.
My favorite shrimp and grits is at Anson. At least it is today. 
I love the Wreck as well. It's been a while. Maybe I'll go over there tonight.