Street taco meat

BP Smokin pork
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2012/02/12 12:50:45
How much steak goes in a street taco and how much should you make per taco? I hear about 1/8 of a pound but that sound very little.
I know there is alot of other factors around the profit but with the price of beef these days I don't know how you sell them so cheap?
looking to expand menu and just doing research. Any help would be great.
Filet Mignon
Re:Street taco meat 2012/02/12 15:07:08
BP--try posting this in the rest.Professionals forum--you may get a lot more info-----and---- 1/8 lb per taco is PLENTY!
Re:Street taco meat 2012/02/12 15:10:11
Do you mean steak or ground beef? Big difference.
Depends on the shell size of the taco you're gonna sell. Bigger shell, more meat.
Soft or hard shell, Corn or Flour?
Suggest you decide the size and style you're gonna sell and experiment with it until it until you get it the way you want to serve it and then price accordingly. If you have a good price/value taco that tastes good, people will buy it.
Personally, I prefer soft flour tacos as opposed to hard corn tacos. Easier to handle and eat as stand up and eat street food.