Another in Savannah

2012/02/18 17:38:36
Thursday, we went to New Sisters of the South, near the intersection of 80 and Skidaway Road.  It's a small place, and most people were in for takeout, but we ate our dinner in the dining room.  It serves marvelous soul food.  The service is a little like a cafeteria; you tell the server what you want and she piles it high on a large white plate.  It's meat and three, priced by what your main dish is.  I got fried chicken, a breast and a leg.  Deliciously juicy and crispy!  I was a little afraid, as steam tables and fried chicken don't agree, but it's brought from the kitchen in small batches, and mine tasted right out of the fryer.  I chose rice and gravy, mac and cheese, and sweet potatoes.  The rice was served with nicely flavored beef gravy (you get a choice of a couple gravies).  The mac and cheese was outstanding, creamy with melted cheese and a good slab of crisp cheese crust.  The whipped sweet potatoes were sweetened but not overly so, and very good.  My husband chose oxtails, a generous serving of fork tender tails, rice, mac and cheese and lima beans, which he said were good and tender.  Other entree choices included pork chops, smothered shrimp, chicken fried steak among others.  There were about 10 sides to choose from.  In spite of the fact that we were stuffed, we ordered a piece of red velvet cake to split.  It was clearly homemade and very moist and good.  We hope to go back and try some of their other entrees and sides, but I'll always have that mac and cheese!  My dinner was 8.99, my husband's 11.99.
Re:Another in Savannah 2012/03/04 20:01:53
Your write up is well done! We've been to the New Sisters of the South also! LOVE Savannah and we're always looking for a new great place to eat! Our experience was very similar to yours! Food was very good and so were the prices! Our fav in Savannah remains "Sweet Potatoes" however! Happy Eating! KokomoJoe