Cherry Pie

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2012/02/19 09:56:48
I wanted to make a cherry pie in George Washington's birthday coming up.  By the way it is OK to celebrate President's Day-day off from school, etc.  But, I hate that Lincoln & Washington's birthday are ignored.
That being said, I went on the search for tart cherries to make my pie- no canned cherry pie filling for me.  Well, I could not find frozen tart cherries anywhere on the north side of Indy.  I did find canned tart red cherries at Walmart.  I made my own cherry filling on the stove.  My only problem was my new convection oven.  It was hard to get the crust not too dark.  Luckily, my husband loves brown crust.
How do you all make your cherry pies?
Re:Cherry Pie 2012/02/19 19:34:05
I cook many things well, but baking pies is not one of my strong points so I usually go to a Marie Callander's or a CoCo's for a better than Supermarket quality  but not as good as home-made pie. 
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Re:Cherry Pie 2012/02/23 00:24:33
1. I don't consider this to be a SPAM note.. I may move it to recipe's etc later today.
2. I too am not good at making pies and expecially pie-crusts, so I tend to enjoy them when they are done well by others.  When I want a good semi-homemade pie (IMHO) I get one of the 'U-Bake' Marie Callander's Cherry Crunch Pies and bake it up. The Brown sugar topping on the pie offsets the tart cherry filling beautifully !  Yum !
Re:Cherry Pie 2012/02/23 11:08:57
Good question.  I've been a chef for nearly 30 years and I still agonize over making a pie.  For me it's the most difficult thing to bake.  Cakes and cookies are easy.  I start my pie on a bottom rack so that the crust will get a little crispy without being soggy while the filling cooks.  Then I move it to a top rack and turn the temp down to cook the filling and brown the top crust.  I have a "pie ring" to put on the crimped part to prevent it from getting too brown.  I continue to turn the temp up and down and if the fruit is not cooked enough I put a piece of foil on top to stop the browning.  I swear that cooking a turkey dinner is easier!  My mother is the "Pie Queen" and has won many ribbons for her pies.  She would make one in the morning before going to work.  Not me!