My Happy Mistake

Junior Burger
2012/02/22 00:44:02
I normally post dismal failures on this forum.  In the past, the highlights included the ground-breaking revelations that if you cook green beans too long they burn, if you don't really measure bread recipes they don't work, and if you use heavily scented charcoal in a Brinkman smoker your food has a funny taste.  
I've always said I like being in the kitchen, I never claimed to be good at it.  
So, with this in mind I just had to make a new hot sauce I discovered at a Mexican restaurant in Monroe called Vera Cruz.  They had this green sauce that was creamy and hot.  Luscious!  The owner was cool enough to bring the lady who made it out of the kitchen to my table.  They sat down and she described how she made it and he translated.  Because I forgot to ask about ratios, I knew it was going to be trail and error.  I'm used to the error part by now, so I was cool with it.  
When I made the sauce, it was much milder than her's but it was still awesome for something else.  Originally, I was going to use it as a chicken salad or cole slaw dressing.  But the store had turkey breasts on sale, so I turned it into a fabulous turkey salad dressing that my friends are all in love with.  
I hope somebody else can copy the results for themselves because that would somehow validate my previous mistakes as "happy little experiments".  So here it goes:
3 large poblano peppers, seeds included, no stems.
3/4 of a pound of serrano chilis, seeds included, no stems.
1 medium white onion, chopped into larger pieces
6 garlic cloves
1/2 cup of Mexican mayonnais
1/2 cup of Mexican crema
1.  Fry the onions, garlic cloves and peppers in oil for 5-10 minutes so they are just starting to get soft.  
2.  put mayonnais and crema in food processor, then add all the fried ingredients.  
3.  process until creamy.
4.  put in fridge with a piece of plastic over the top to prevent a skin from forming.
I put this with turkey I poached and chopped finely, but I'm sure you could slather this on turkey or chicken slices.  It's faboo!  
Re:My Happy Mistake 2012/02/22 00:53:33
Great ingredients... how could it be bad?
No salt?  Just a touch.  Even a touch of sugar sometimes.
Try roasting the poblanos, let them cool, peel them and do the same thing.  Added flavor! (I'd take out the seeds)
That's a sauce that you can play with.  That's the fun in cooking.
Re:My Happy Mistake 2012/02/22 02:16:22
What goes into making Mexican Mayonnaise?
Re:My Happy Mistake 2012/02/22 02:29:01
Spicy Cheese,
You should try out for the "Worst Cooks in America" show on The Food Network 
Re:My Happy Mistake 2012/02/22 08:39:41
Aside from the green sauce, how's the food at Vera Cruz?  If Google Maps is to be trusted it looks like it's across the street from the post office.
Re:My Happy Mistake 2012/02/22 08:52:56
I would have roasted the garlic and all the peppers without the seeds and the the onion would have been raw. I would have thought it would have been a lot hotter with 3/4 lbs of serrano peppers. I might have added some salt to taste and tried adding some raw tomatillo to the blender as well. 
Double Cheeseburger
Re:My Happy Mistake 2012/02/22 08:57:44
Mexican in, just dreaming of a limburger on rye with a slice of onion at Baumgartners with a Huber bock on the side.   Hope it's still there, have not been back in over 12 years.  Are the older locals still playing euchre at the back tables?  My first trip to a bar was to Baumgartners at the age of about 8 while on a hunt for tractor parts with my father....the fact that it was a bar and I was 8 will give you an idea how long that was...anyway did'nt mean to steal the thread.
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Junior Burger
Re:My Happy Mistake 2012/02/22 13:30:58
The food at Vera Cruz is okay.  Nothing spectacular.  I'll have to try some of the other various suggestions with technique.  
And yeah, it needed salt!  I put salt on the sandwiches to compensate.  I'm going to have to try roasting the poblanos and see if that helps.  
Mexican mayonnaise is something you can buy at the store.  Most grocery stores with a hispanic population will have it and if not, there's always the Mexican stores.  It has lime, which really changes the flavor.  
I just had a Limburger and onion sandwich last week.  That place will never close.  It's an institution.  Larry the Cable guy did a segment of his show in that place last year.   
Double Cheeseburger
Re:My Happy Mistake 2012/02/22 13:43:24

What goes into making Mexican Mayonnaise?

Mexican Mayonnaise has lime added. You can find it almost anywhere. Pretty tasty stuff.