chopped champions' restaurants

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2012/02/23 08:45:47
I am addicted to chopped and I am always saying I will go check out the restaurant of the ones I like. Sadly, it seems I usually forget, but I have eaten at one chopped champ's restaurant and didn't even realize it until I checked out the restaurant's website. So I can say I went in with an unbiased opinion and without lofty expectations. I love the place. It is called Soul Flavors in Jersey City, NJ. The chopped champ is Chef Wayne. I have now gone or ordered from there several times. I always get the fried chicken because it is that good, but I have sampled other food of the people with me and like it all.

Has anyone else tried a chopped champ or competitors restaurant? If so, what did you think?
Re:chopped champions' restaurants 2012/02/23 09:12:37
Amen to Soul Flavors!!

Chef Wayne rocks!!

Super-duper chicken & waffles.