Is Nabisco called Christies in Canada?

2012/02/26 00:16:18
Because I just found this and was told that these bacon crackers are the same as Bacon Thins! 
And they have the Swiss Cheese crackers too!  And the French Onion crackers that I
remember from when I was young and loved them!
I have been missing Bacon Thins and Swiss Cheese cracker like mad, I'm going to order some.
Shipping to the US is $20, a little steep, but Bacon Thins!  Swiss Cheese crackers!  Oh man!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Is Nabisco called Christies in Canada? 2012/02/26 06:13:15
Yep. In Canada Nabisco is Christie's.
Re:Is Nabisco called Christies in Canada? 2012/03/16 21:15:07
I ordered some bacon crackers and swiss cheese crackers hoping they will scratch that Bacon Thins and Swiss Cheese cracker itch I've had since Nabisco quit making them here.  I read somewhere that the bacon crackers were close but not quite.  We'll see.
As I was looking through the Canada Only website for crackers, I saw that Christie's makes French Onion crackers!  I'd COMPLETELY forgotten my love for Nabisco French Onion crackers back in the 60s, so I ordered a couple boxes of those, too.
Re:Is Nabisco called Christies in Canada? 2012/03/24 22:39:02
Well, I got a UPS delivery today, a ginormous box of crackers, a bag of Smarties and a jug of Grade 2 amber maple syrup.
I called my youngest daughter into the kitchen to open the box.  Next to myself, she was the biggest fan of Nabisco's Swiss Cheese crackers.  I opened the box and handed her a box of Christie's "Fromage Suisse" crackers and omg the look on her face was priceless.  She grabbed it and as she scurried off to her room she said she was going to eat only 3 a day and make the box last a long time.  At $5 a box she'd better.  They tasted maybe a little less flavorful than I remember, but they are damn close.  I think I will try a box of Bacon Dippers (Bacon Thins) in a while here.
Very happy.  Except for the price.
Re:Is Nabisco called Christies in Canada? 2012/10/03 11:03:22
The Christie's product I miss the most is the two pack of butter tarts that was sold in corner variety stores. The butter tarts were very corporate looking insofar as they were packaged in the mini pie tins but they were fabulously sweet and messy. Once you bit through the tops which were a hard layer of coagulated corn syrup/maple sugar, the insanely sweet syrup and raisins inside would run down your chin and drip onto your shirt and pants! Mmmmmm! It just doesn't get any better than that!