Pittsburgh PA to Raleigh-Durham NC.

2012/02/26 19:17:38
Traveling from Pittsburgh PA to Raleigh-Durham NC. Is there anything that is a must try?
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What is your intended route?
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Yea a route would help us help you.
I would possibly guess I 76 to I 81 to I66 to US 15 south to Greensboro? 
If the Triangle Diner in Winchester were open yet I would recommend it on nostalgia alone but they are still doing restoration work. I hold out hope they will reopen this year.
If you do get anywhere near Richmond I recommend Hogshead Cafe , though get there early, lately there is a line to get in the (small ) place when it opens at 11:30, because it is just that good.
Also it is going to depend on what days you travel as some places are closed Sundays, Mondays, etc.
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Re: Pittsburgh PA to Raleigh-Durham NC. 2012/02/27 09:41:43
Assuming your trip will take you by/through WDC:
(Google away)
  • Mario's Pizza House, Arlington, VA (subs, pizza squares; try BBQ topping) 
  • Metro29 Diner, Arlington, VA (great fried shrimp; great breakfast, too)
  • Hard Times Cafe, Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA (chile & O.R.'s)
  • Willard's BBQ, Chantilly, VA (many "styles" of BBQ, done well)
  • The Quarterdeck, Arlington, VA (crabs 'n suds)
  • Tune Inn, WDC (bar food & beer)
  • Ben's Chili Bowl, WDC  (half-smokes w. chili; breakfast, too)
  • Ray's The Steaks, Arlington, VA (steaks at reasonable prices)
  • Ray's Hell Burger, Arlington, Va (burgers at high prices)
  • Yorkshire Restaurant, Manassas Park, VA (Their "Top Hat" rocks; breakfast, too)
  • The oldest still operating Five Guys, King and Beauregard, Alexandria, VA (if you've never yet been to a Five Guys)
  • The Atlantis, Alexandria, VA (Greeks doing red-sauce Italian: the best!)
  • Crisfield's, Silver Spring, MD (seafood)
  • Peking Gourmet Inn, (Bailey's Crossroads area), Falls Church, VA 
  • OMG:  forgot crabcakes:  G&M Seafood Restaurant, Linthicum, MD
BTW:  From my "list", Metro29 Diner, Tune Inn, and Ben's Chili Bowl have been featured on Cable "foodie" shows: Guy Fieri, Adam Richman, etc. 
And Ray's Hell Burger is President Obama's "go to" place when the Food-Cop-in-Chief is out of town.  He has also visited Five Guys and Ben's.
And speaking of Presidents, "H.W." and "W" were both loyal patrond of the Peking Gourmet Inn. 
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79 down into WVA, then pick up rt 19 S. This takes you to 77 and you drive all the way to NC. Once in NC, take 74/rt52 to route 40E
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Re:Pittsburgh PA to Raleigh-Durham NC. 2012/03/08 15:17:56
when in doubt i always stop at an ihops
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There is a BBQ on rt 15 a few miles south of the Pa line at the Emmitsburg exit, Old Frederick rd. and Rt.15. come on in and introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you!
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When in the Durham area, go another 8 or 9 miles southwest to Chapel Hill.   In Chapel Hill, go to Sunrise Biscuit kitchen   Their chicken biscuits are, by far, the best we've ever had.   It closes at 2 or 2:30 pm.  No indoor seating.  it's drive through, or you can walk into the side door near the pick-up window, and order inside.  Take to your car and enjoy.   It's our top breakfast roadfood anywhere, and probably in top 5 or 10 of all roadoods, in our opinion.   
Mama Dips in downtown Chapel Hill has very good fried chicken. 
Roast Grill in Raleigh has very ood dogs / chili dogs.
The original location of Char Grill at 618 Hillsborough St in Raleigh has good burgers.
Make sure you root or the UNC Tarheels when in Chapel Hill.  ;)