Food Marriage?

2004/02/21 03:20:06
Remember growing up as kids, when someone would say "I Love Pizza!" or "I Love Ice Cream!" One little smart mouthed kid would say "Well Why Don't You Marry It Then?" I have good news, out here in California we are one step closer to doing just that. "Hi, I'm Glenn this is my Wife, Pizza and my Little Boy Ice Cream!" I can't wait! Yes, I am trying to be funny and No I don't care who marries who. We should all be miserable together. LOL
Michael Stern
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RE: Food Marriage? 2004/02/21 21:03:56
Here in KeyWest,we say "Whooo--hoo!!!Our motto is One Human Family.All are welcome.
RE: Food Marriage? 2004/02/22 02:44:41
Originally posted by clothier

hey Glenn,
sometimes i'm a little slow, so let me make sure i understand what you are saying, ok? And I'm going to use small words so i can understand my self.

it's ok now in cali for a banana to marry another banana?
or a tomato to marry another tomato, even if they are both juicy and ripe?

that correct?

and some people are having a problem with this?

Yep, Here in California it is "One Big Happy Salad!"