Roadfood Professional ?

2012/02/28 07:12:08
I know we ran the "what is roadfood?" question into the ground many times over and this isn't what this thread is about.
There are a few here who cringe when I mention "pre website" roadfood, but this is a fact of life considering that many posters admit they've never heard of the Sterns or were even aware that they wrote books before or after the Roadfood website was in place.
Anyway as you know, my concept of a Roadfood Restaurant based on the pre-website books can include bars/tavern , small town cafes, family style restaurants, steakhouses and even some fancier restaurants as long as their theme is regional food.   I'll admit I'm not usually keen on food trucks, hot dog carts and concession stands and in my opinion, really don't consider it roadfood . It's  streetfood
My question is why does the Roadfood Professional thread attract mostly food truck, concession stand and hot dog cart owners and not the other folks?
Re:Roadfood Professional ? 2012/02/28 07:33:10
Adds to the traffic.  Adds to ad revenue.  Interesting reading every now and then.
Re:Roadfood Professional ? 2012/02/28 08:55:31
If I had to guess, I'd say that in a lot of cases the types of restaurants mentioned don't have any kind of Internet presence at all and even when they do it's maintained by a 3rd party because the principals simply don't have the time.  And if those people are older I'm guessing that makes it even less likely that they're going to find their way on line.
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Filet Mignon
Re:Roadfood Professional ? 2012/02/28 09:25:49
The first couple of years there was a lot of restaurant talk but then the hot dog venders and truck food operations seened to take over.  I guess that there is so much of this talk, that a person owning a restaurant finds no information here now and thinks that there would be no purpose in his posting anything..........just my thoughts.
Re:Roadfood Professional ? 2012/02/28 11:13:02
I hadn't noticed. I blanked out the professional forum and fast food forum a long time ago and never see them to read them. So sort of looks like road food when I read the messages.
Filet Mignon
Re:Roadfood Professional ? 2012/02/29 14:36:49
Has anyone noticed that this is now gone?
Just the hot dog vendors and classified are showing up on my computer.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Roadfood Professional ? 2012/02/29 14:43:09
Restaurant Professions Forum shows up here.
Filet Mignon
Re:Roadfood Professional ? 2012/02/29 14:47:19
I just checked again and it is now showing up..............................maybe, I had accidentally blocked it.