From Savannah GA to Lyons/Vidalia, GA

Junior Burger
2012/02/28 11:45:37
Have to drive this road - wanted to know if anyone can recommend good places along the way.  I can't stop into Savannah so I need something in between the two. Thanks.
Large Man
Re:From Savannah GA to Lyons/Vidalia, GA 2012/02/28 21:15:07
Jomax BBQ is listed in the review section.  Good basic bbq.  In Lyons there is a place called Chatter's. A classic drag line.  You drag your tray down the line.  Large all you can eat buffet that is home cooked.  It is not a chain but owned by a lady who used to cook at another place in town.  Everything from turkey and dressing, fried chicken, lots of good vegetables.  It has table set up in the middle so its easy to get around.  Nice deserts too.   Nice southern food.