Dublin Dr. Pepper

Re:Dublin Dr. Pepper 2012/02/29 11:23:21
This has been a non-stop topic on all the local Dallas blogs over the last 10 days.
I don't drink Dr. Pepper (or any soda) but, I feel bad for the people who've lost their jobs.
Re:Dublin Dr. Pepper 2012/02/29 16:30:18
Bushie, you sent some Dr. Pepper for our FIRST meet n greet in Rancho Cucomongo via Al the Mayor.  I was never a fan of Dr. Pepper but that was delicious. 
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Dublin Dr. Pepper 2012/02/29 19:33:03
Bushie visited my home a few years ago and brought me a gift of several six packs of the real original Dr. Pepper along with some of my favorite libation.  That was one of my favorite visits with Bushie along with my trips with him in Texas several times.
Bushie is a fine man and friend.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN